Mission Statement

Star Bright Donations (SBD) is a non profit, dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to our customers and clients by executing a simple plan. Our objective is to provide a high-visibility platform for those who are willing to give. This unique SBD formula promotes the joy of giving and presents a win-win situation for all who participate.


Star Bright Donations (SBD) encourages others to understand the plight of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) by realizing the need for holistic assistance and support. In today’s tough economic times, obtaining financial assistance can become difficult for our schools and seeing the actual changes can sometimes be challenging.

We at SBD are dedicated to making a difference by submitting our contributions directly to the winning HBCU that partakes in our program. Whether it’s submitted through their HBCU website or from a personal onsite campus visit, our donations are continuously highlighted on starbrightdonations.org, bringing additional awareness to the public.

Embracing the cause becomes easy when one understands the dilemma. The difficult part is putting the process together in order to turn dreams into reality. Star Bright Donations has developed such a process for you.